Yucatan Style Tacos: Salbutes

If there’s one food I miss the most from our travels in the Yucatan, it’s the delicious salbute.

It looks like a taco, feels like a taco, but with one major difference:
Its shell is deep fried.

The carne de res style, which is ground beef, was my favorite.

Although this style of taco originated in the Yucatan, we didn’t discover this food until our second trip to Playa Del Carmen… which is quite the disappointment because I didn’t get to eat as many of these as I’d like!

Waiting for salbutes while sipping on our Coffee Stop drinks!

La Cochi-Loka

La Cochi-Loka is located on Calle 10 Norte just north of Quinta and sits where Guilty Monkey, the cafe that served Scandinavian- and European-style foods, used to be. Brightly colored, it unfortunately has no formal dining area, limited to only a couple of barstools and an eating area that also serves as the ordering window.

Great for ordering to go to munch while walking or to eat back at your hotel, La Cochi-Loka’s salbutes with their actually spicy salsa is to die for!

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