White Water Rafting the Colorado River with Hualapai River Runners

White water rafting on the Colorado River was an absolutely exhilarating experience.

Hualapai River Runners is the only company that does rafting for one day, as all othetr outfits do multiple day trips down the Colorado.

The cost for two adults and one child cost a little over $1,000. I understand it’s not cheap, and it caused quite a bit of hesitation when budgeting for our Arizona trip, but it was well worth every single penny.

The entire trip lasted for several hours, and it started at Hualapai Lodge in Peach Springs, Arizona. We checked in at the hotel lobby and boarded one of about six buses with a surprisingly large amount of people.

The bus took us through a dirt path that descended through windy, bumpy road. After about 40 minutes, we arrived at the drop-off and were directed to port o potties, as these would be the last facility we would use for several hours. Unless you use the river as your bathroom… but that’s between you and the river….

See Tony’s hat? I 100% recommend bringing one!

See Tony's hat? I 100% recommend bringing one!

We were assigned numbers, and the staff started calling the groups to their rafts. Shortly after boarding, we embarked on our rafting trip and started cruising down the river. We soon encountered our first set of rapids, which were categorized in the 3-4 range. Surprisingly, those 3s and 4s packed a mean punch, and I started to get a bit nervous about the 7s and 8s we would encounter later on.

We rode through a few 3 and 4 category rapids and disembarked at Travertine Cavern Falls.
Aydan climbing the ladder to the cavern.

Aydan climbing the ladder to the cavern

Travertine Falls giving me a nice massage… to ease my tension about the 7s and 8s to come.

Travertine Falls giving me a nice massage

The 7s and 8s came and went… and they honestly didn’t feel any different than the 3s and 4s. If anything, they just felt a little bit longer. Concerned about not being able to properly grip the hand rails as we crazily bounced on the rapids, about three of us just crouched

After Travertine and the crazy 7s and 8s, we took a short ride down the river to a shoreline to eat lunch. A good-sized ham sandwich, a bag of chips, grapes, soda, and water were served to us.

Heading to our lunch spot

After lunch, we got on the raft again and started the long ride down the river. With no way of keeping time, except from the sun and I had no clue which way was north, I lost track of time and enjoyed the lazy ride back to Grand Canyon West. Best estimate is about two hours, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was three.

Along the way, we slowed at a jump spot for an opportunity to jump off the rocks. To our left was the Grand Canyon Skywalk.

The lazy ride back to Grand Canyon West

This day trip was amazing and fun. It’s definitely not for the faint-hearted or for those with medical conditions.

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