Visiting Taal Basilica in Batangas, Asia’s Largest Catholic Church

Most visitors to Taal Lake are aware of the more common tourist destinations there: bulalohans (restaurants that serve bulalo), Taal Lake, the crater and volcano, the cliffside restaurants that line Nasugbu and Calamba Highways, and Sky Ranch.

What many visitors miss, however, is this hidden gem on the southwestern side of Taal Lake.

Welcome to Taal Basilica.

The bells contain gold and have thus been stolen several times. Due to its large size, thieves only have one place they can sell these off to: pawn shops. And since there are an extremely limited number of pawn shops in the area and, understandably, shop owners who refuse to accept the stolen church bells, the police will quickly apprehend the bells back from the thieves.

The view from the bell tower.



Giant rosary!

Beautiful sunset view from the front of the church.

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