Why T-Mobile Is The Best Carrier For Travelers

I’m gonna feel old, but remember this dude?


I’ve had a cell phone plan since Cingular was THE company to have service with, before AT&T acquired it in 2004.

I was with AT&T for a few years and was okay with the service. About three years ago, I considered making the switch to Verizon when, on several occasions, my brother’s Verizon connection was noticeably much better than mine. One instance that particularly stuck out occurred as we were driving to Bodega Bay on CA Hwy 1. His YouTube videos loaded without hitch while mine refused to load at all. We continued our drive up the 1 and took the 116 through Russian River and Guerneville. His videos experienced a couple of hiccups but would eventually load, while mine continued to play dead. I decided then and there I would switch to Verizon immediately after my AT&T contract was up, even if it meant paying double.

My AT&T contract expired, and I did a complete about face and switched to T-Mobile instead because their prices were good.

After being a customer for about 2+ years, I can happily say I will never switch to a different company again.

Despite T-Mobile’s reputation of offering poor service and connectivity to their customers, they’ve made significant improvements and upgrades to their network and have more than redeemed themselves. Now known as the Un-Carrier, T-Mobile’s plans are so competitive and its perks so great, the third biggest wireless company could soon overtake its competition in a matter of years.

Dropped Calls? Calls Quality?

Happy to report the call quality is great, and dropped calls are extremely minimal. Keep in mind that I am in California, about an hour north of San Francisco. Coverage all over Northern, Central, and Southern California, except in rural areas, is generally very good. While in other states such as Arizona, Philadelphia, Illinois, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington, the service has been more or less the same: excellent.

International Coverage

With the exception of the Philippines where connection was abysmal (the country has one of the worst services globally with average speeds at 2.8-3.2Mbps), connection elsewhere has been excellent.

Although the South Korea text states “2G speeds”, it was more comparable to 3G. Pages loaded a bit more slowly, but it still worked.

The connection in Rome, Italy was stellar and felt just like home. Connection in Mexico is pretty decent, too. Streaming suffers, but basic surfing and checking email work fast.

Of course, the international data is provided at no extra cost with their regular T-MobileONE plan, which all new customers have access to. Older customers on the Simple Choice plan need to make sure they are signed up for the free service. I was automatically enrolled into the program.

My AT&T friends did their “Epic Asia Tour” in December 2016 and ended up getting prepaid cards they picked up at a convenience store in Vietnam because they were being nickeled and dimed for everything.

More Perks

Up until they introduced the T-MobileONE plan a few months ago, they already had several perks for their Simple Choice customers, such as free data for streaming services, such as YouTube, Pandora, Netflix, Spotify, and more.

Other T-Mobile Perks include:
Free gifts every Tuesday with their app. Goodies include movie codes, Wendy’s food, Lyft codes, etc.
Free in-flight data and texting for one hour on select Gogo-equipped flights

CEO John Legere is really stepping up his game to win customers because every time I hear about T-Mobile, it’s to introduce another perk, such as free DirecTV or Hulu for former AT&T customers, or paying new customers for their termination fees.


I know what you’re thinking…

I am just THAT happy with T-Mobile 🙂

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