Supai Village – Horses and Pack Mules

To reserve your horse or pack mule, contact either the camping office or lodge.

Horse 2

If camping, call the Camping office at the following numbers:

If staying at the Lodge, call the Lodge:

From Camp

From Hilltop to Camp – $187.00

One Way
From Hilltop to Camp, or vice versa – $93.50

From Lodge

From Hilltop to Lodge – $120

One Way
From Hilltop to Lodge – $70.00

All arrangements must be made through the office in advance.

Please note that fees are subject to change at any time without any notice whatsoever. The prices listed here are the most current that I’m aware of. Always confirm with the office the total of services rendered. All fees are taxable by 10%.

In addition to transport services, the office does conduct a guided tour from the Lodge to the falls at $60 per person.

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