Ninja Akasaka Restaurant Review and Reservations – Tokyo, Japan

There is no shortage of unique, fun, and interesting restaurants in Japan.

Uobei in Shibuya offers sushi and small plates via tri-level conveyor belt.
Both Alcatraz ER and The Lockup in Shibuya simulate an actual prison, and you are handcuffed and dine in a cell.
At Zauo, you dine in a fishing boat and eat the fish you reel in from its own fishing tank.

Add Ninja Akasaka to that list.

With locations in Chiyoda and Kyoto, Ninja Akasaka serves up fun and interesting dishes in a ninja-themed restaurant.

Is it pricey? Yes.
Is it worth it? Yes.
While I can’t say I would do it again (simply because there are hundreds of other restaurants I’m eager to try), it was an enjoyable, amusing experience that I recommend all visitors to try at least once.

Prices for courses are as low as ¥3,500 for kids and up to ¥20,000 per person.
A la carte items run from ¥600 to as much as ¥10,000+ for their meat dishes.

Certain dishes, such as the snow crab and grapefruit dish with sword trick, include special  performances, which is why I highly suggest going for a course meal.

If you’re checking out the Chiyoda location, the entrance is actually outside of Tokyu Plaza. Even though you’ll see signs inside of the plaza’s main entrance, the doors there are for their staff and not patrons.

As soon as you step through their door, you’re whisked off to a whole new world. Staff dressed in ninja outfits greet you and summon your ninja to guide you through their “ninja training”, which entails walking through dimly lit passageways, crossing a narrow bridge, and avoiding traps. After training, you descend upon their village. And I mean a village. Complete with homes, lanterns, the works.

You’re guided to your dining area, which, in our case, was a rectangular room encased in “rock”. I believe it translated to “spider room”.

Your ninja presents you with their menu, which is written in a long scroll.

I started with one of their signature cocktails, the Ai-Ba, which is sparkling wine with mint leaves.
I love mint, but wow. This was a lot.

Beauty cocktails are served with a small bird’s nest that you can dunk into your drink.
Read about the health benefits of bird’s nest via Live Science.

Bird’s nest.

The Komachi beauty cocktail.

They offer a wide variety of courses or you can order a la carte.
I opted for the Tasting Course (¥5,700) and a couple of side items.

First up was the Shuriken star-blade grissinis with foie gras pâté.

 Chicken from a la carte menu.

Special stone-boiled soup, the Japanese take on bouillabaisse, a traditional French fish stew.

Ninja-style cream puff.

Prime Japanese beef steak.

Japanese tenderloin steak with side of potatoes.

Dessert was a super cute frog over chocolate cake. The leaf on its head is from the wasabi plant, which is inedible.
Your ninja server will shred the cheese over the plate to simulate snowfall.

At the Kyoto location. 

Making Reservations

Keep in mind that on weekdays after 7PM, kids ages 4 through 14 are not allowed because of other patrons consuming alcohol and conducting business meetings.

Make your reservation here:

You’ll receive an email confirming they received your reservation inquiry. Keep an eye out for the follow-up email that actually confirms your reservation.

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