Making Reservations to Camp at Havasu Falls Campground

Our Grand Canyon trip was decided at the spur of the moment and scheduled roughly 16 days from our scheduled departure.

I thought my efforts to visit Havasu futile, seeing as how everyone in travel forums and sites claimed they had to reserve months ahead of time. Plus, our trip was scheduled for a weekend at the end of July through August (2015). No way I’d be able to get permits practically last minute.

I called the tourism office everyday and was advised different tips from different people.
One said to check when they first opened in the morning, as cancellations are processed the night before and permits made available the following day.
Another advised to call in the late afternoon since cancellations are made throughout the day and can be available by day’s end.

On the afternoon of the fourth day, I lucked out and made my reservation.
I was fortunate to secure hiking permits for three just twelve days prior to our scheduled departure.

Moral of the story?
Get your permits a few months before.

The tourism office can be reached at the following numbers:

Entry Fee: $35 per person + 10% tax

Campground Fee: $17 per person per night + 10% tribal tax

Environmental Care Fee: $5 per person

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