Koko Head Cafe Review | Oahu, HI

New research suggests breakfast may not be the all-important meal we’ve been led to believe.
But I will forego intermittent fasting and will happily indulge in morning eating because… well, I love food!

Typical breakfast fare normally leaves me feeling weighed down and lacking energy for a few good hours, or even the entire day in some cases, so I was happy Koko Head Cafe had me feeling great after indulging in all their delicious deliciousness.

Behold, the vanilla sea salt biscuit with Lehua honey butter and house jam.

Monchong ribs with green payapa salad and curry lime aioli.
Its white meat was mild in flavor and semi-firm, yet retained its moisture.

The ribs are wide and flat.

Volcano eggs baked in a spicy tomato sauce, cheese, and Portuguese sausage.

Soup for breakfast – any day!
Beer-braised beef tongue in porter and bone marrow broth and Okinawan soba noodles.

Wait times on weekdays are about 20-30 minutes when a bit busy. Wait times on weekends are about 40+ minutes.

Just north-east of Diamond Head and the H1 freeway, this local gem is worth a side trip for their unique fare.

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