Kaxapa Factory, Playa Del Carmen, Mexico – Restaurant Review

Pronounced “ka-cha-pa”, this small eatery in the heart of Playa Del Carmen is a definite must visit.

Featuring Venezuelan fare, Kaxapa Factory offers sweet, savory, and a ton of flavor in every single one of their dishes. We ordered three of the main dishes on their menu and were delighted with each one.

Patacon de carne, left. Cachapa, right. Arepa, top.

Kaxapa Factory

The patacon de carne was difficult to eat because none of the filling stayed within the “bun”, which is made of fried plantain. Or maybe we weren’t supposed to hold it like a hamburger 😉

The cachapa is a sweet corncake prepared like an omelette and filled with Oaxaca cheese and shredded meat.

The arepas were filled with Manchego cheese and avocado and also delicious.

Sampling a flight of available drinks.

Flight of Drinks

Of the available drinks, chicha, the horchata-like drink made from boiled rice, milk, and sugar, won. Sweet and thick, it wasn’t exactly good for quenching our thirst from the hot, hot heat but it was too delicious and comforting to pass up!

Of course, our meal was made even more great by our very friendly servers who were so courteous and helpful while we very indecisively ordered our food.

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