Discount Japan Airlines Tickets with Japan Explorer Pass

Ready to venture out of Tokyo?

For just ¥5,400, ¥7,560, or ¥10,800 one way through Japan Airlines, you can explore one or more of its thirty destinations through Japan, including the Okinawan islands.

Neat! Let’s fly to Okinawa and then Osaka… but first….
Let’s find out how much we’re really saving with the Explorer Pass.

Through regular booking at, the price of the cheapest one-way ticket from Tokyo’s Haneda Airport to Okinawa’s Naha Airport on Friday, June 16,  is ¥25,190, or roughly $230.19. The cheapest fare is automatically chosen in the flight selection page, but you can select earlier times for a bit more. In this case, the cheapest flight departed at 4:10PM with an arrival of 6:45PM.

Let’s check on the price of a one-way ticket from Okinawa to Osaka’s Itami Airport. The price of the cheapest fare on Tuesday, June 20 is ¥23,400, or roughly $213.96.

The total cost of these two flights for one person is $444.15.

Now, let’s compare the price of the same flight through the Explorer Pass special at

The grand total came to $591.03.

The catch?
This total is actually for three passengers and both flights, Haneda to Okinawa, and then Okinawa to Osaka. Aside from the glaring discount, the only difference between the two is that the 2:55 flight from Tokyo to Okinawa is actually ¥1,000 more.

At $197.01 per person via the Explorer Pass, the savings is $247.14.

In my case, I multiply that savings by three to include hubby and son, and my total savings is $741.42.

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