Visit Totoro! How To Get Tickets to Studio Ghibli – Mitaka, Japan

Securing tickets to the Studio Ghibli museum is a bit of a complicated process.

With a limited amount of visitors allowed to visit the museum daily, tickets are often in short supply and must be purchased ahead. If you know the dates of your trip and have a general idea of when you’ll be in or when you’ll venture out to the Mitaka area, put down a date and reserve your tickets!

How to Get Tickets

Tickets are NOT SOLD at the museum. You must order them in advance.

Tickets for the proceeding month go on sale on the 10th (keep in mind: Japan time) of the previous month. For example, tickets for the month of June 1-30, 2017 went on sale May 9 (US time).

For US visitors, click here instead. This link takes you directly to Lawson’s online ticketing service.

For ticket sales outside of Japan, click here for a comprehensive list of which site to visit depending on your country.

There is the option of purchasing tickets AT a Lawson convenience store, but tickets are usually sold out by the time you get to Japan, unless you’re there for several weeks and reserve well ahead of time.

The Ghibli Museum posts information on how to obtain tickets here:



Ticket prices are:
Ages 19 and over: JPY1,000
Ages 13 to 18: JPY700
Ages 7 to 12: JPY400
Ages 4 to 6: JPY100



Buying Your Tickets

As I mentioned, securing Ghibli tickets is a bit of a complicated process. Evidence below.

As soon as the tickets go on sale, the frenzied game is on! Note the “please stay calm” advice. Wise, wise words spoken by the ticketing system.

I bought my tickets right at the start of the selling period, so I saw this notice several times throughout my purchase. As it advises, don’t close the page. This includes refreshing and/or going to the previous page. You will lose your place in line and start over again.



Buying Process

The first step of your purchase.

Next, choose your date and time.
Circle = Available
Triangle = A few left
X = Sold out
Even if the date and time appear available on the screen, there may be times when the system will prevent you
from completing your booking because the availability changed or your entire party cannot be accommodated.

After confirming your date and time, select the number of tickets you need.

Each purchase is assigned a group leader, and this person is responsible for presenting their passport or valid ID and the tickets at the gate.


One final step before your reservation is completed!

Your booking is complete. Yay!

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