Historic Kapaa in Kauai

I had the pleasure of staying in lovely, quaint Kapaa in beautiful Kauai. Of all the towns in Kauai, Kapaa had the greatest variety of shops and restaurants while providing quick, easy access to nearby activities, including Wailua River, Secret Falls, beach access, and hikes, such as the Nounou Trail, aka Sleeping Giant.

Kapaa’s main downtown area is right on the 56 – Kuhio Highway and is just a short 15-minute drive from Lihue Airport.


Where Kuhio Highway meets Huluili and Kukui streets.


The backside of the above sign.

Kuhio Highway is lined with many small eateries and food trucks, like El Taco Feliz.


Oh, how I miss Java Kai. I was there practically every morning getting a latte or coffee or trying one of their many treats. They were also good for breakfast and brunch.IMG_7168

Time for margaritas.


One of the many specialty shops on Kuhio Highway.


Pono Market is a deli serving poke, Hawaiian fare, such as laulau, coffee, and desserts.


I indulged in these Japanese pastries called manju that were filled with coconut, apple, and red bean.
I also indulged in their strawberry and guava mochis.


Hot afternoons call for shaved ice.

20160725_165028If you’re not a fan of shaved ice, try it anyway. Just be forewarned that you may get hooked.
I was never a fan of shaved ice because the kinds I’ve had were hard, packed ice with sickly sugary sweet, artificial flavorings that always settled at the bottom of the cup.
Their shaved ice is NOTHING like that. The ice is fluffy, the syrups, juices, and toppings were all very fresh and sweetened just enough.




Peanut butter.


A variety of mustards and syrups by Aunty Lilikoi (Lilikoi means passionfruit).


Stock up on souvenirs, t-shirts, and food.


Finally, make sure you stop in at Kela’s Glass Gallery. Pictures and video are not allowed inside, but take my word that a pitstop here is worth it. You’ll want to take home the beautiful dishes, ornaments, and statues made entirely of glass.


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