Hanamaruken Review – No 1 Ramen in Dotonbori – Osaka, Japan

After experiencing the “best buffet”, “best show”, “best this”, and “best that” in many places and leaving dissatisfied (looking at you, Vegas), I normally shy away from places that claim to be the best at anything.

But as I walked through Dotonbori, this sign caught my attention.
I couldn’t resist. “No. 1” and “ramen” in the same sentence is just too much.

Man, I love me some ramen. Especially tonkotsu ramen for its thicker broth and rich flavor.

And, there was a line.

I was accustomed to seeing lines at worthy restaurants, but at 10 AM? And at a ramen shop?

Hanamaruken is a small shop that’s easy to miss right in the heart of Dotonbori. Open 24 hours, I’m glad I wasn’t staying in Osaka because I would have returned home 8 pounds heavier.

Behold the beauty that is: slow-cooked pork rib ramen.

I bought a slow cooker some time back and have used it maybe four times. My excuses for not using it include, but are not limited to:

  • I don’t plan my meals ahead.
  • I’m lazy.
  • I dislike to cook.
  • I’m lazy.
  • I’m too busy with work and chores and…
  • I’m lazy.

But, this delicious, thick broth is making me reconsider my outlook on slow cookers.
Well, cooking in general.

I ordered a side of chashu because I thought the portions would be smaller, like Ichiran‘s portions.
Big mistake. There was definitely more noodles and more toppings, and they were pretty generous with the sides, too.

This is the Double Happiness Ramen bowl meal with two different types of pork and a generous side of delicious fried rice.

Side order of egg. Not to my preference, as I prefer it more runny.



Dotonbori has a TON of restaurants, including Dotombori Honten, the original Kani Doraku restaurant, so it’s very easy to overlook this place.

Near Hozen-ji Temple, Hanamaruken is located a few blocks from the main river and is an awesome treat to have, especially on cold days.

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