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Once nicknamed the “Guava Capitol of the World”, Kilauea is a small community tucked in the northeastern shore of Kauai. Unlike Hanalei, Kilaeau’s center can be easily skipped over, as its eateries and stores are located within the small town a few blocks off the 56 Kuhio Highway. The only […]

Visiting Kilaeau in Kauai, Hawaii

Black Friday sale! Midnight sale! Up to 80% off!   When the radio and TV scream of the next greatest sale and our movie theaters peddle the wares of their advertisers, it’s easy to get caught up in a shopping frenzy. New iPhone? New voice command gadget? New tablet? Check […]

Cut The Crap and Budget For Your Trip!

Tours have a stigma of being too restrictive. Tight schedules and early morning pick-ups, the lack of friendliness and cohesiveness of the group, and long travel times are some of the reasons I’ve avoided booking tours. While I still generally avoid group tours because I love to set my own […]

To Tour Or Not To Tour – 5 Pros and ...

Live in the moment. I get all of that, trust me. So, even though you may see me fumbling with my phone and spending extra time swapping out my lens, it’s for a good cause: memory preservation. I want that photo of the sea of jellyfish, and I want that […]

8 Essential Items For Travel

I wholeheartedly recommend using AirBNB for accommodations domestically and internationally. Before you book your first getaway, there are a few things you should know. AirBNB Fees Upon booking, AirBNB charges a percentage-based service fee for using their service. If you need to cancel your reservation, the refunded amount will depend […]

What You Need To Know Before You Use AirBNB

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