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Pronounced “ka-cha-pa”, this small eatery in the heart of Playa Del Carmen is a definite must visit. Featuring Venezuelan fare, Kaxapa Factory offers sweet, savory, and a ton of flavor in every single one of their dishes. We ordered three of the main dishes on their menu and were delighted […]

Kaxapa Factory, Playa Del Carmen, Mexico – Restaurant Review

To reserve your horse or pack mule, contact either the camping office or lodge. If camping, call the Camping office at the following numbers: 928-448-2121 928-448-2141 928-448-2174 928-448-2180 If staying at the Lodge, call the Lodge: 928-448-2111 928-448-2201 From Camp Roundtrip From Hilltop to Camp – $187.00 One Way From […]

Supai Village – Horses and Pack Mules

Havasu Falls is accessible only by foot from Supai Village. You’ll start your grand adventure at Hilltop, where you have to hike approximately 7.5 miles to get to Supai Village. From Supai, it’ll be another 1.8 miles to reach Havasu Falls and the campgrounds. For more detailed information, read my […]

How To Get To Havasu Falls

You must hike through Supai village and Havasu Falls and campground before reaching Mooney Falls. From Supai Village, Mooney is about a 4-mile walk. So blue! The end of the cave reveals an amazing view of Mooney Falls. Mooney roars. Related Links: A Trip to Supai Village, Havasu & Mooney […]

How To Get To Mooney Falls